Established in 2007, World Harvest Food Bank is a non-profit organization that provides food, basic staples and living essentials to people who are at risk of hunger and to the needy.

World Harvest Food Bank operates one branch facility in Downtown Los Angeles, following both the front line and warehouse food bank models. The Food Bank has a service area that assists families and individuals in 58 counties within the state of California. We currently distribute an average of 25 million pounds of food through our facility and our 200+ partner agencies, including food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and after school programs for children.

Unfortunately, hunger remains a serious problem in California.Over 70,000 families in the Food Bank's 58-county service area struggle each day. Nearly 40% of the people served by the World Harvest Food Bank network are children, another 8.1% are elderly, and 31.8% of the families are working but struggling. These working families still encounter heavy financial difficulties and often must choose between eating and other basic necessities.


Goals and Services

  • Distribute high quality foods and non-food essentials to nonprofit agencies that serve the hungry.

  • Strengthen agencies directly responsible for distributing food and non-food items.

  • Extend Food Bank services to underserved communities within our service area.

  • Find ways to eliminate hunger.

  • Draw from our financial resources in effort to achieve our mission

Community Benefits

  • Help in reducing the need for food among low income individuals and families.

  • Reducing the waste of food or essential living articles that would otherwise be discarded, because of surplus, or usability to sale.

  • Families and individuals are provided with foods such as vegetables and fruits that are essential for a balanced diet, but are costly for low income households.

  • Those benefitting from our programs, having access to a balanced meal with fruits, vegetables and cereals, reduced the danger factor of developing high blood pressure or diabetes, among other common ailments related to poor diets.